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Vigne domaine taluau foltzenlogel


Our estate of 32ha of vines produces wines in the Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil and Bourgueil appellations. In the Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil appellation, we find mainly sand and gravel soils on the plateau which allow us to produce light and supple wines and clay-limestone soils on the slopes which produce full-bodied and structured wines. The latter have the particularity of storing water and then releasing it to the vine. Thus, the vine does not suffer from water stress during periods of drought. In the Bourgueil appellation, most of the soils are limestone.

At the estate, our vines are mainly rooted on south-facing slopes. They are light slopes of 10 to 15%. We cultivate only the Cabernet Franc grape variety.

Cuve domaine Taluau Foltzenlogel


Harvesting is carried out manually or mechanically, depending on the age of the vines. The grapes are sorted before vatting. Cold pre-fermentation maceration lasts about two days in stainless steel tanks. Alcoholic fermentation lasts about a week. This is followed by a 15-day vatting period. Ageing in stainless steel vats lasts between 6 and 12 months. Our old vines, aged between 35 and 80 years, produce wines for laying down, for our "Vielles Vignes" and "L'insoumise" cuvées. Expression from vines up to 35 years old produces lighter, softer, fruitier wines to be enjoyed in their youth. Bottles are stored in an air-conditioned cellar all year round, and some vintages are aged in a tuffeau cellar to satisfy our customers' need for quality products.


Here, we cultivate pleasure above all! The pleasure of making wine and the pleasure of sharing. A family domain, simple and accessible, which takes care of its terroir to produce wines as naturally as possible.


At the estate, the vines are grassed and we work the soil between the vines as well as every other row.

In 2021, we started the conversion to organic farming.


We are certified

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